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भाग संख्या AMIS-52150
समारोह Low-power Transceiver Device
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The AMIS52150 is a dual-channel receiver and a
transmitter in a single, small outline package (Figure 1). The
receiver provides for two independent receive channels with
the signals combined in the data detection circuit. Summing
the signals allows the two channels to be used for antenna
diversity optimization, without the need for complex
protocols to select the strongest channel. The AMIS52150
can be programmed to be a single channel or a dual-channel
receiver, respectively. There exist internal trim functions for
the RF receiver frequency, for tuning each input port, for
setting the internal filters to match the data rate, and for
setting the threshold level for acquiring an incoming signal,
respectively. The receiver converts the received RF signal to
a low frequency IF. An RSSI circuit determines the strength
of the received signal. A level detector samples the RSSI
signal level and compares that level to the slice threshold to
recover the data. The slice threshold can be either set to a
fixed level, or alternately, the transceiver can be configured
to automatically set the threshold level based on the
incoming data.
The transmitter is a high efficiency power amplifier (PA)
that is turned On or Off by the serial data. The output power
level is adjustable. The frequency of the RF output can be
tuned with an internal crystal trim function, in order to
conform to component and manufacturing tolerances. In
addition, the design of the transceiver is based on a number
of unique features.
The AMIS52150 can be placed in a very low power state,
with the crystal oscillator being Off while the low power RC
oscillator maintains the chip operation. In this low power
state, the AMIS52150 remains in the sleep mode until
either the wake-up timer or an external microcontroller
wake up the device, respectively. The receiver can be also
configured for operation in Sniff Mode, where by the device
is programmed to wake up at regular intervals to sniff for
received RF signals, returning to the sleep mode if a signal
is not detected. The AMIS52150 contains a Quick Start
circuit as well, which results in full operation of the crystal
oscillator in an extremely short time, in turn leading to much
lower power consumption as compared to other transceiver
products available in the market. In the AMIS52150, a
programmable PLL is used to synchronize the data clock to
the received data. This feature enables reducing much of the
jitter in the data signal.
These functions will be described in more detail later in
the document.
Figure 1. AMIS52150 Block Diagram

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