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समारोह LCD Module
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T-51784D150-FW-A-AA pdf
Global LCD Panel Exchange Center
T-51784D150-FW-A-AA is 15.0” color TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display)
modules composed of LCD panel, driver ICs, control circuit, and backlight unit.
By applying 8bit digital data, 1024 × 768, 16.7M-color images are displayed on the 15.0” diagonal
screen. Input power voltages are 5.0 V for LCD driving.
The type of data and control signals are digital, and 2 pixel data are transmitted per Typ. 32.5 MHz
clock cycle.
General specifications are summarized in the following table:
Display Area (mm)
Number of Dots
304.1 (H) × 228.1 (V)
(15.0-inch diagonal)
1024 × 3 (H) × 768 (V)
Pixel Pitch (mm)
0.297 (H) × 0.297 (V)
Color Pixel Arrangement
RGB vertical stripe
Display Mode
Normally white TN
Number of Color
16.7 M(8 bits/color
450 cd/m2Typ.
Wide Viewing Angle Technology
Optical Compensation Film
Viewing Angle
-75~75° (H) -60~50° (V)
Surface Treatment
Anti-glare and hard-coating 3H
Electrical Interface
CMOS(VI = 3~5 V, 2 pixel / clock)
Optimum Viewing Angle(Contrast ratio)
6 o’clock
Module Size (mm)
326.0 (W) × 255.0 (H) × 15.9(D)
Module Mass (g)
Backlight Unit
CCFL, 4-tubes, edge-light
Characteristic value without any note is typical value.
The LCD product described in this specification is designed and manufactured for the standard use
in OA equipment and consumer products, such as computers, communication equipment, industrial
robots, AV equipment and so on.
Do not use the LCD product for the equipment that require the extreme high level of reliability,
such as aerospace applications, submarine cables, nuclear power control systems and medical or
other equipment for life support.
OPTREX assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the LCD product in
disregard of the conditions and handling precautions in this specification.
If customers intend to use the LCD product for the above items or other no standard items,
please contact our sales persons in advance.
T-51784D150-FW-A-AA (AA) No. 2003-0143
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One step solution for LCD / PDP / OLED panel application: Datasheet, inventory and accessory!

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