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भाग संख्या DN86
समारोह Reduced component count and compact reference design
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The system diagram of the MR16 lamp solution with ZXLD1350 and ZXSBMR16PT8 is shown in
Figure 2, and Table 1 provides the bill of materials.
Figure 2 System diagram of ZXLD1350 MR16 Lamp Solution
The ZXLD1350 is designed for LED current drive applications of up to 350mA. The monolithic
NMOSFET is sized appropriately to provide a cost-effective die size and is rated to 400mA, which
with the hysteretic mode of operation (the inductor current waveform will ramp +/-15% about the
nominal current set point) provides sufficient margin. The main features of the ZXLD1350 are:
• Up to 380mA output current
• Wide input voltage range: 7V to 30V
• Internal 30V 400mA NDMOS switch
• High efficiency (>90% possible)
• Up to 1MHz switching frequency
The ZXSBMR16PT8 is a new space saving and thermally efficient device specifically designed for
the critical requirements of MR16 applications. The device encompasses a full bridge and a
freewheeling diode realized using extremely low leakage 1A, 40V Schottky diodes to allow a
nominal 12V AC input operations. The Schottky bridge together with the embedded freewheeling
diode enhance the system efficiency compared to the standard silicon diodes in a compact
format. The reference design has solder tag pins to bypass the bridge rectifier should the final
lamp design be used for purely DC operation.
As the ZXLD1350 has a hysteretic switching topology, the switching frequency is dependent on
several factors - input voltage, target current and number of LEDs. An Excel based calculator is
available for system initial evaluation and component choice.
System efficiency and LED current have been measured keeping the ADJ pin floating and the
current in the device at its rated value. The input impedance of the ADJ pin is high (200K) and is
susceptible to leakage currents from other sources. Anything that sinks current from this pin will
reduce the output current. In order to avoid any kind of electromagnetic coupling a guard track
around this pin is used.
2 Issue 1 - October 2007
© Zetex Semiconductors plc 2007

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