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भाग संख्या ISL6367H
समारोह Green Hybrid Digital Dual 6-Phase 1-Phase PWM Controller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Intersil Corporation 
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with fewer output capacitors. The ISL6367H accurately monitors the load current via the IMON pin and reports this information via the IOUT register to the
microprocessor, which sends a PSI# signal to the controller at low power mode via SVID bus. The controller enters 1- or 2-phase operation in low power
mode (PSI1); in the ultra low power mode (PSI2,3), it operates in single phase with diode emulation option. In low power modes, the magnetic core and
switching losses are significantly reduced, yielding high efficiency at light load. After the PSI# signal is de-asserted, the dropped phase(s) are added back to
sustain heavy load transient response and efficiency. In addition, the ISL6367H features auto-phase shedding to optimize the efficiency from light to full load
for Green Environment without sacrificing the transient performance.
Today’s microprocessors require a tightly regulated output voltage position versus load current (droop). The ISL6367H senses the output current
continuously by measuring the voltage across a dedicated current sense resistor or the DCR of the output inductor. The sensed current flows out of the FB
pin to develop the precision voltage drop across the feedback resistor for droop control. Current sensing circuits also provide the needed signals for channel-
current balancing, average overcurrent protection and individual phase current limiting. The TM and TMS pins sense an NTC thermistor’s temperature, which
is internally digitized for thermal monitoring and for integrated thermal compensation of the current sense elements of the respective regulator.
The ISL6367H features remote voltage sensing and completely eliminates any potential difference between remote and local grounds. This improves
regulation and protection accuracy. The threshold-sensitive enable input is available to accurately coordinate the start-up of the ISL6367H with other voltage
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