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डेटा पत्रक - Flexible Energy Management - Dialog Semiconductor

भाग संख्या DA9057
समारोह Flexible Energy Management
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Dialog Semiconductor 
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Product Brief DA9057
Eight analogue input pins allow multiple audio
sources to be internally mixed, eliminating the need
for external switches. Both single-ended and fully-
differential line and microphone inputs are supported
with built-in variable gain amplifiers to optimize
dynamic range prior to digitisation. This allows a
diverse variety of analogue audio sources such as
baseband voice, mobile TV, WiFi and FM radio to be
Input and output mixers with stereo-to- mono
conversion also support mono configurations such
headset/baseband line outputs. In addition to the fully
differential mono RX channel, two volume-controlled
differential/single-ended stereo line out drivers and
ground centered stereo amplifiers will directly drive
standard 3-wire 16ohm headphones.
PMIC Features
Switched DC/USB Charger with power path management
4 Buck Converters (3 with DVS) 0.5V-3.6V up to 1Amp
10 Programmable LDO’s High PSRR, 1% accuracy.
Low power Backup Charger 1.1-3.1V up to 6mA
32kHz RTC Oscillator
10 channel general Purpose ADC with touch screen
High voltage White LED driver 24V/ 50mA Boost, 3 strings
16 bit GPIO bus for enhanced wakeup and peripheral
Dual serial control interfaces
Unique USB supply detection and charge current selection
Unique ID code capability with OTP memory
For example the dc-coupled, dedicated pop-free
drivers may be connected to stereo headphones,
stereo speaker and mono line out, all simultaneously
and without external switches.
All filtering and sidetone functions are performed
digitally including 5-band EQ and a digital input AGC
with programmable attack and decay parameters.
A configurable signal processing filter engine allows
various audio application enhancements and effects
i.e. acoustic filtering, wind noise suppression and 3D
Alternatively the filter engine may be programmed to
improve the frequency response of an external
speaker or headphone by providing an 8-pole per
channel equalisation function. This is available in
Audio Features
High performance audio codec with integrated PLL
True-GND capless Class G 40mW headphone driver
with integrated charge pump
Direct Battery connection with 5mW playback power
consumption into stereo headphones.
Flexible clocking capability to minimise master clock
circuit board routing
Fully differential mono voice channel
Pop & Click suppression circuitry
Multi mode audio routers and mixers & volume control
Linux and WinCE software drivers available
Peripherals and Connectivity
Power Manager with programmable Start-up and
configurable low power modes
System Monitor including watchdog timer
Up to 16 free configurable GPIO Pins enable system control
during application standby modes
General purpose monitoring ADC
10-bit 4 wire Touch-Screen Interface
Real-time clock and alarm with crystal frequency adjustment
and oscillator circuitry
Unique ID Code via 10 free programmable registers (OTP)
Optimized size 7x7mm BGA169 package – 0.5mm pitch
Audio Key Parameters
Stereo Playback/Record: 2.5mW & 3.5mW @ 1.8V
Audio performance@ 2.5V
- DAC: 102dB/-85db THD
- ADC: 96db SNR/-89dB THD
Sample rates up to 96kHz supported via multi-slot
I2S/PCM interface
Stereo fully-differential microphone amplifiers with 5uV
input noise and bias
DSP 5 Band EQ, Input ALC, programmable noise and
acoustic enhancement filters
addition to the 5-band EQ.

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