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डेटा पत्रक - DVD PRML Channel and System Controller SoC - ATMEL Corporation

भाग संख्या AT78C4050
समारोह DVD PRML Channel and System Controller SoC
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स ATMEL Corporation 
लोगो ATMEL Corporation लोगो 
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AT78C4050 pdf
Error Correction
– Real Time DVD ECC Encoder and Decoder for 32 Kbyte Block
– Real Time DVD ECC Encoder and Decoder for Blue Laser DVD
– DVD EDC Error Detection
– Error Correction for Pre-pit, ATIP, ADIP, ID, Wobble Data for Blue Laser DVD
– Real Time CD CIRC Encoder and Decoder
– Real Time CD C3 ECC Encoder and Decoder
– CD EDC Error Detection
– CD Sub-code Error Correction
Data Format
– EFM and EFM+ Modulation and Demodulation
– 1.7 PP Modulation and Demodulation for Blue Laser DVD
– Target ID Detection
– Support DVD-R/RW 2K and 32K Linking Loss
– Support CD-R/RW Link Sector Read
– Support CD-R/RW Address Mode 1 and Mode 2
– ATIP, ADIP, Pre-pit, Blue Laser DVD Wobble Information Decoder
Buffer Manager
– Supports SDRAM Up to 16 Mbytes (8M x 16)
– Support Buffer Underrun Prevention
– Support Variable Buffer Segmentation
– Circular Buffer Control with Access Priority
– Programmable Timing Control for SDRAM
– Servo Processing Unit Using ARM946E-S
Maximum Processing Power with 200 MHz System Clock
– Internal RAM for Code and Data (24 KB)
– Digital Servo Adapted to Various OPU
– Digital DPD for Tracking Error
– 1 and 3 Beams Push/Pull Tracking Detection
– Digital Detector for Blank Detect, Media Recognition and Defect Detect
– Wobble PLL, Pre-pit Detector, Frequency Demodulator, BPSK Demodulator
and MSK STW Demodulator
Read Channel
– PRML Read Channel to Support High Speed Transfer Rates
– RF Data Channel
• Wide Bandwidth Automatic Gain Control Analog Front-end
• Programmable 7th Order Continuous Filter
• 7-bit ADC for Sampling the PRML Read Signal
• 15 Tap Adaptive Digital FIR Equalizers
• Digital Viterbi Detector
– Clock Recovery and Synthesizer Functions
• Wide Frequency Range of Clock Extraction
• Frequency Synthesizer with M/N Dividers
• Supporting CLV, CAV, PCAV and ZCLV
• Supports Write Clock Synthesis with a Low Jitter PLL
– Integrated Servo Algebra and ALPC Functions
• Supports Sampled Signals for Differential Phase Detection (DPD),
and Push/Pull Tracking Detection
• Wobble Detection of DVD+R and DVD+RW
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