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डेटा पत्रक - 300dpi CIS Two-Level Digital Output Module - AMI SEMICONDUCTOR

भाग संख्या AMIS-710330
समारोह 300dpi CIS Two-Level Digital Output Module
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स AMI SEMICONDUCTOR 
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AMIS-710330 pdf
AAMMISI-7S10330: 300dpi CIS Two-Level Digital Output Module
Data Sheet
The AMIS-710330 module consists of 11 sensors, which are cascaded to provide 1056 photo-detectors with their associated multiplex
switches and a digital shift register, which controls its sequential readout. Mounted in the module is a one-to-one graded-indexed micro
lens array, which focuses the scanned documents to image onto its sensing plane. A buffer amplifier amplifies the video pixels from the
image sensors and passes them to an analog digitizing circuit, where the video pixels are converted to a digital signal and passed to
the output of the module (see Figure 1).
Illumination is accomplished by means of an integrated LED light source. All components are housed in a small plastic housing with a
cover glass, which acts as the focal point for the object being scanned and protects the imaging array, the micro lens assembly and the
LED light source from dust. The pictorial of AMIS-710330 cross section is shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2: Inside Pictorial of the Module
I/O to the module is an 8-pin flex cable connector (see I/O Connector, in Section 5.0) located on one end of the module. The connector
is on the top of the module with the glass window facing down and it is located on the opposite side of the module (see the Mechanical
Housing in Section 9.0).
AMI Semiconductor – Jun. 06, M-20586-001

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