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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
MC44BC373: Multi-Standard PAL/SECAM/NTSC with integrated booster splitter
MC44BC374: PAL/NTSC with integrated booster splitter
The channel is set by an on-chip high-speed I2C compatible bus receiver. A Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) tunes
the modulator over the full UHF range. The modulator incorporates a sound subcarrier oscillator and uses
a second PLL to derive 4.5, 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5MHz subcarrier frequencies. These frequencies are selected
using the bus.
The picture-to-sound ratio is adjusted using the bus. In addition, an on-chip video test pattern generator can
be switched ON using a 1kHz audio test signal.
Along with the modulator functions, an Antenna Booster/Splitter function is included.
These modulator versions are completely pin-to-pin and software compatible and all versions have the
following features.
• No external varicaps diodes/inductors or tuned components
• Channel 21–69 UHF operation
• VHF range possible by internal dividers (30MHz to 450MHz)
• Integrated on-chip programmable UHF oscillator
• Extremely low external component count
• High-speed read and write I2C-bus compatible (800kHz)
• Fixed video modulation depth (80% in PAL and 90% in SECAM)
• Peak White Clip disabled using the bus
• Programmable picture/sound carrier ratio (12dB and 16dB)
• Integrated on-chip programmable sound subcarrier oscillator
(4.5MHz to 6.5MHz)—No external varicaps
• On-chip video test pattern generator with sound test signal (1kHz)
• Low-power programmable modulator standby mode
(booster active)
• Transient output inhibit during PLL Lock-up at Power-ON
• Logical Output Port controlled by bus
• Integrated Antenna Booster/Splitter (40MHz to 860MHz)
• Custom masked versions with unique start-up settings possible
(no I2C bus programming required)
• Extremely robust ESD protection, minimum 4kV, typical 6kV
MC44BC373/374 Technical Data
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