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MAXCAP Electronics Co., Ltd.
බᔳႂߔ ᯰ౎᜴̍ థᬌМՂ  MAXCAP Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.
බᔳႂߔ ௖ࡢ థᬌМՂ  MAXCAP Electronics (KunShan) Co., Ltd.
*40 ᠎᧙ᝢ᝼   *40 2VBMJUZ $FSUJGJDBUF 
ኤ̭ Background
∌㣖䳏ᄤ᳝䰤݀ৌᮐ 1987 10 6 ᮹೼侀
ᆍ䞣㣗ډ 0.1 µF 680,000 µFảႂԌډ4V450V,
ຝऎډ-55 ć +125ćᄉၸவႂຸΘः٧ ႂߔ
Ю̖ܰࠪક䳔∖ⱘ๲ࡴˈ݀ৌᮐ 2001 ᑈ೼ᯚቅ
( ㎞䜄Ϟ⍋) ᮄᓎњϔᑻᎹԇˈᏆܼ䴶ᡩܹ⫳̖DŽ
ᕫֵ䋈ⱘܼ储տᎹ݅ৠࡾ࡯ϟˈ݀ৌ೼ 1998
11 తᖌᕫњ ISO9002 䊾䞣储㋏䁡䄝ˈ䘆ϔℹᦤछ
Established on the 6th of October 1987, Maxcap
Electronics is the first manufacturer of axial, radial
and snap-in type of aluminum electrolytic capacitors
in the northern region of Malaysia. Our product
ranges from 0.1 µF to 680,000 µF with a working
voltage ranging from 4V to 450V and working
temperature rangs from -55к to +125к. We also
produce bi-polar capacitors for audio crossover
networks and TV monitor horizontal deflection. In
anticipation of increase in domestic and overseas
demand for our products, The company has built a
new factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China.
This factory has been fully operational by year 2001.
For more than a decade now, assurance of our
products’quality accounts for our sustained sales
growth. Equipped with high grade imported raw
materials coming from different dependable
companies and backed by Japanese modern
technologies in the manufacturing facilities ensure our
excellent quality. With the help of our dedicated
employees to whom the company credits success,
obtained the ISO9002 accreditation on November 6,
1998, which meant that we had already elevated
ourselves to international quality status. This quality
certification has been up-graded to ISO-9001:2000
version in year 2002. Our company accepts custom-
made requirements without neglecting the quality of
the product. Our philosophy of excellent quality,
dependable service, on-going innovation and designs
keeps our customers with us year after year.

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