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डेटा पत्रक - Single Phase Synchronous Buck POWIR+ Chipset Reference Design - International Rectifier

भाग संख्या IRPP3637-06A
समारोह Single Phase Synchronous Buck POWIR+ Chipset Reference Design
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स International Rectifier 
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IRPP3637-06A pdf
The IRPP3637- 06A is an optimized
POWIR+TM Chipset reference design,
targeted at low cost, low power
synchronous buck applications up to 6A
output current. The IRPP3637-06A uses
International Rectifier’s IR3637ASPBF
single channel PWM controller in an 8-
pin SOIC and IRF8910PBF dual SO-8
MOSFET. This reference design has
built-in power design expertise
regarding component selection and PCB
layout, and is representative of a
realistic final embedded synchronous
buck design, intended to simplify the
design in effort without unnecessary
design iterations. The design is
optimized for 5V input and 1.25V output
@ 6A and 600kHz switching frequency,
including considerations on layout and
passive & magnetic component
selection. The IRPP3637-06A delivers
the complete 6A design in less than
1.0in2 board area at up to 80% full load
electrical efficiency and up to 85% peak
International Rectifier also offers the
POWIR+ Chipset on-line design tool
( allowing the
customization of the IRPP3637-06A
reference design to meet individual
requirements. Based on specific inputs,
the POWIR+ Chipset on-line design tool
will provide a tailored schematic and bill
of materials, from which the engineer
can run a full suite of on-line design
simulations, and then order the fully
assembled and tested customized
reference design (see details on page
Design Details
The IRPP3637-06A reference design is
optimized for an input voltage range of
4.5V to 5.5V and an output voltage of
1.25V at a maximum of 6A load current,
using the IRF8910PBF dual SO-8
The 600kHz switching frequency allows
the selection of reduced size power
components. All the essential
components that contribute to a low cost
compact solution are enclosed by the
rectangular box shown on the PCB,
showing a total solution size of 1.3” x
0.8” (1.0” sq). The electrical connection
diagram is shown in figure 1 and the
corresponding circuit schematic is
shown in figure 2.
Vc bias.
Vc bias
+1.25V Vout
+1.25V Vout
Figure 1: IRPP3637-06A Electrical Connection Diagram
Input/Output Connections
J1: Input power connection terminal
J2: Input power return preferred
connection terminal
J3: Output power return preferred
connection terminal
J4: Output power connection
J5: External bias power connection
terminal. This terminal is unused
for standard reference design
J6: External bias power return
preferred connection terminal.
This terminal is unused for
standard reference design

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