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Reference Design Data Sheet (October 1998)
IRMDAC3 Kit Overview and System Benefits
· When furnished with user-provided logic level control signals, the IRMDAC3 forms a complete reference design
for a 3HP AC motor. Unlike outdated circuits based upon transformer drive or opto-couplers, the system uses
International Rectifier proprietary level-shifting gate drive circuits integrated within the IR2233J Control IC.
Separation of gate drive / control and low-voltage circuits from the power module included in the kit results in a
compact, effecient system. The user benfits from immediate hands-on experience and may customize at will
using shematics and circuit ideas as the basis for production designs.
· Gate drive, control and protection circuits are designed to closely match the operating characteristics of the
power semiconductors. This allows power losses to be minimized and power rating to be enhanced to a greater
extent than is possible by designing with individual components.
1. Host PCB Description
The host PCB receives power input from a 3-phase line and control signals provided by the user. In conjuntion with
the power module the result is a flexible power conversion system, primarily designed for interface with a 3HP
Motor, however other 3-phase loads may also be applied. The host PCB supports soft-start function which reduces
inrush current by using an NTC thermistor. Surge suppression is implemented using MOV’s as a further degree of
protection. Also on-board is a regulated low voltage power supply to provide bias for the IR2233J and other low
voltage components. When connected to the power module, the unit is fully protected against overcurrent and
ground faults through DC bus voltage and current feedback. Over-temperature is guarded against through feedback
from a thermistor embedded within the power module. A 16-pin single in line header connector is provided to
interface control signals and two terminal blocks connect 3-phase AC inlet and output to the load. The user
provides 5V CMOS / TTL level signals which are then processed by the IR2233J Control IC and delivered to the
power module.
Signals Available to User
In addition to availability of bias supplies derived for the host PCB, signals from the power module circuits and those
derived and processed on the host PCB such as fault status are available to the user. Current feedback signal from
the low side shunt is available on the IFB pin at 0.025V/A. If filtering of this signal is required to remove noise, a high
impedance buffer stage should be inserted between signal and filter. DC bus voltage feedback is provided on the
VFB pin. This reference is been scaled down by a factor of 100 and should be protected with a high impedance
buffer stage.
Fault Behavior.
The system is designed to tolerate overload conditions for one minute. The user should prevent such conditions
persisting beyond this period. In the event of shutdown initiated by ground-fault, overcurrent or over-temperature, the
inverter outputs are terminated and an LED will light to signal this condition. For more information on fault response
for IR2233J, please consult the data sheet.

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