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भाग संख्या N-3406-2
समारोह (N-Series) Motors Brushless Servo Motors
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IntroProduct Notice
Use of Motors
Servo motors are intended to drive machinery. As such, they must be part of a controlled system that
includes a transistorized electronic amplifier. They are not intended for direct connection to the power
supply or for use with thyristor drives. Instructions in the amplifier and control system manuals must
be observed; this document does not replace those instructions.
Unless specified otherwise, servo motors are intended for use in a normal industrial environment
without exposure to excessive or corrosive moisture or abnormal ambient temperatures. The exact
operating conditions may be established by referring to the data for the motor. The mating of motors
to machinery is a skilled operation; disassembly or repair must not be attempted. In the event that a
motor fails to operate correctly, contact the place of purchase for return instructions.
Safety Notes
There are some possible hazards associated with the use of motors. The following precautions should
be observed. Specific Warnings and Cautions are listed inside the back cover.
Installation and Maintenance: Installation and maintenance or replacement must be carried out by
suitably qualified service personnel, paying particular attention to possible electrical and mechanical
Weight: Large motors are generally heavy, and the center of gravity may be offset. When handling,
take appropriate precautions and use suitable lifting equipment. Beware of sharp edges; use protec-
tive gloves when handling such assemblies.
Flying leads: Ensure that flying or loose leads are suitably restrained, to prevent snagging or entan-
glement, before carrying motors with such leads.
Generation: If the motor is driven mechanically, it may generate hazardous voltages at its power
input terminals. The power connector must be suitably guarded to prevent a possible shock hazard.
Loose motors: When running an unmounted motor, ensure that the rotating shaft is adequately
guarded and the motor is physically restrained to prevent it from moving. Remove the key which
otherwise could fly out when the motor is running.
Damaged cables: Damage to cables or connectors may cause an electrical hazard. Ensure there is no
damage before energizing the system.
Supply: Servo motors must not be directly connected to a power supply; they require an electronic
drive system. Consult the instructions for the drive system before energizing or using the motor.
Brakes: The brakes that are included on motors are holding brakes only and are not to be used as a
mechanical restraining device for safety purposes.
Safety requirements: The safe incorporation of this product into a machine system is the responsi-
bility of the machine designer, who should comply with the local safety requirements at the place
where the machine is to be used. In Europe this is likely to be the Machinery Directive.
Mechanical connection: Motors must be connected to the machine with a torsionally rigid coupler
or a reinforced timing belt. Couplers which are not rigid will cause difficulty in achieving an accept-
able response from the control system. Couplings and pulleys must be tight as the high dynamic
performance of a servo motor can easily cause couplings to slip, and thereby damage the shaft and
cause instability. Care must be taken in aligning couplings and tightening belts so that the motor is
not subjected to significant bearing loads, or premature bearing wear will occur. Once connected to
a load, tuning will be affected. A system tuned without a load will probably require retuning once a
load is applied.
Connectors: Motor power connectors are for assembly purposes only. They should not be connected
or disconnected while power is applied.
© 1999 Rockwell International Corporation. All rights reserved.
Electro-Craft is a trademark of Rockwell Automation.
Printed in the United States of America.
Information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice.
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