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Device Description
The RT1020 device contains the same architecture as the
A1020, A1020A, and A1020B devices. The architecture, a
combinatorial logic module, is a logic structure that has 8
inputs and 1 output. The logic itself is comprised of a 4-input
MUX, as described in Figure 3 on page 6. In addition, since
the RT1020 device contains the same number of gates and
I/Os and has the same operating voltage as its commercial
equivalent (A1020B), an inexpensive commercial grade
A1020B-CQ84 device can be used during the prototype phase,
and replaced by the RT1020 in the flight units.
The RT1280A device uses the A1280A die from the ACT 2
family of FPGAs. It utilizes a two-module architecture,
consisting of combinatorial modules (C-modules) and
sequential modules (S-modules) optimized for both
combinatorial and sequential designs. Based on Actel’s
patented channeled array architecture, the RT1280A has
8,000 ASIC-equivalent gates and 140 user I/Os.
The RT1280A device is fully pin- and function-compatible
with the commercially-equivalent A1280A-CQ172C device for
easy and inexpensive prototyping.
The RT1425A, RT1460A and RT14100A devices use the
A1425A, A1460A and A14100A die, respectively. These devices
are derived from the ACT 3 family of FPGAs, which also utilize
the two-module channeled array architecture, and offer faster
performance than the RT1280A.
These devices also have fully pin- and function-compatible
commercially-equivalent devices for easy and inexpensive
prototyping. The A1425A-CQ132C is used for the RT1425A, the
A1460A-CQ196C is used for the RT1460A, and the
A14100A-CQ256C is used for the RT14100A.
Radiation Survivability
Total dose results are summarized in two ways. First by the
maximum total dose level that is reached when the parts fail
to meet a device specification but remain functional. For
Actel FPGAs, the parameter that exceeds the specification
first is ICC, the standby supply current. Second by the
maximum total dose that is reached prior to the functional
failure of the device.
The RT devices have varying total dose radiation survivability.
The ability of these devices to survive radiation effects is both
omdevice and lot dependent. The customer must evaluate and
.cdetermine the applicability of these devices to their specific
design and environmental requirements.
t4UTypical results for the RT1020 device has shown ~100Krads
e(Si) for standby ICC and >100Krads for functional failure.
eRT1280A device have shown results from 4 to 10Krads (Si) for
hstandby ICC, and 7 to 18Krads for functional failure. ACT 3
taSdevices typical results have shown 10 to 28Krads for ICC, and
20 to 77Krads for functional failure.
Actel will provide total dose radiation testing along with the
test data on each pedigreed lot that is available for sale.
These reports are available on our website or you can contact
your local sales representative to receive a copy. A listing of
available lots and devices is also provided. These results are
only provided for reference and for customer information.
For a radiation performance summary, see Radiation
Performance of Actel Products on the Actel Website at
This summary will also show single event upset (SEU) and
single event latch up (SEL) testing that has been performed
on Actel FPGAs.
QML Certification
Actel has achieved full QML certification, demonstrating that
quality management, procedures, processes, and controls are
in place and comply with MIL-PRF-38535, the performance
specification used by the Department of Defense for
monolithic integrated circuits. QML certification is a good
example of Actel's commitment to supplying the highest
quality products for all types of high-reliability, military and
space applications.
Many suppliers of microelectronics components have
implemented QML as their primary worldwide business
system. Appropriate use of this system not only helps in the
implementation of advanced technologies, but also allows for
a quality, reliable and cost-effective logistics support
throughout QML products’ life cycles.
All radiation performance information is provided for
information purposes only and is not guaranteed. The total
dose effects are lot-dependent, and Actel does not guarantee
that future devices will continue to exhibit similar radiation
characteristics. In addition, actual performance can vary
widely due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to,
characteristics of the orbit, radiation environment, proximity
to satellite exterior, amount of inherent shielding from other
sources within the satellite, and actual bare die variations.
For these reasons, Actel does not guarantee any level of
radiation survivability, and it is solely the responsibility of the
customer to determine whether the device will meet the
requirements of the specific design.
Development Tool Support
The RadTolerant devices are fully supported by Actel’s line of
FPGA development tools, including the Actel DeskTOP series
and Designer Advantage tools. The Actel DeskTOP Series is
an integrated design environment for PCs that includes
design entry, simulation, synthesis, and place and route tools.
Designer Advantage is Actel’s suite of FPGA development

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