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भाग संख्या 703-1320-02
समारोह Power Supply PCB
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स GEI 
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703-1320-02 pdf
Return Policy
December 2004
Each instrument manufactured by GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc. is
warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
Liability under this warranty is limited to restoring the instrument to
normal operation or replacing the instrument, at the sole discretion of
GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc. Fuses and batteries are specifically
excluded from any liability. This warranty is effective from the date of
delivery to the original purchaser. If GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc.
determines that the equipment was defective, the warranty period is:
one year for general electronic failures of the instrument
one year for mechanical failures of the sensor
If GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc. determines that the equipment was
damaged by misuse, improper installation, the use of unauthorized
replacement parts, or operating conditions outside the guidelines
specified by GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc., the repairs are not
covered under this warranty.
The warranties set forth herein are exclusive and are in lieu of
all other warranties whether statutory, express or implied
(including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose, and warranties arising from course of
dealing or usage or trade).
If a GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc. instrument malfunctions within the
warranty period, the following procedure must be completed:
1. Notify GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc., giving full details of the
problem, and provide the model number and serial number of the
instrument. If the nature of the problem indicates the need for
factory service, GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc. will issue a RETURN
AUTHORIZATION number (RA), and shipping instructions for the
return of the instrument to a service center will be provided.
2. If GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc. instructs you to send your
instrument to a service center, it must be shipped prepaid to the
authorized repair station indicated in the shipping instructions.
3. Upon receipt, GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc. will evaluate the
instrument to determine the cause of the malfunction.
Then, one of the following courses of action will then be taken:
If the damage is covered under the terms of the warranty, the
instrument will be repaired at no cost to the owner and returned.
If GE Infrastructure Sensing, Inc. determines that the damage is not
covered under the terms of the warranty, or if the warranty has
expired, an estimate for the cost of the repairs at standard rates
will be provided. Upon receipt of the owner’s approval to proceed,
the instrument will be repaired and returned.

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