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डेटा पत्रक - IRPT1061 - International Rectifier

भाग संख्या T1061
समारोह IRPT1061
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स International Rectifier 
लोगो International Rectifier लोगो 
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T1061 pdf
System Description
The IRPT1061A Power Module
and Design Kit
The IRPT1061A power module, shown in figure 1, is a chip
and wire epoxy encapsulated module. It houses input rectifiers,
brake IGBT and freewheeling diode, output inverter, current
sense shunts and NTC thermistor. The 3-phase input bridge
rectifiers are rated at 800V. The inverter section uses 600V,
short circuit rated, ultrafast IGBTs and ultrafast freewheeling
diodes. Current sensing is achieved through 75 mlow
inductance shunts provided in the positive and negative DC bus
rail. The NTC thermistor provides temperature sensing
capability. The lead spacing on the power module meets UL840
pollution level 3 requirements.
The power circuit and layout within the module are carefully
designed to minimize inductance in the power path, to reduce
noise during inverter operation and to improve the inverter
efficiency. The Driver-Plus Board required to run the inverter
can be soldered to the power module pins, thus minimizing
assembly and alignment. The power module is designed to be
mounted to a heat sink with two screw mount positions, in order
to insure good thermal contact between the module substrate and
the heat sink.
The IRPT1061A
(Figure 3) provides the
complete power conversion function for a 1 hp (0.75 kW)
variable voltage, variable frequency AC motor controller. The
combines the Power Module (IRPT1061A)
with a Driver-Plus Board (IRPT1061D). The
Design Kit, IRPT1061E includes the following:
• Complete
integrated power stage
• Specification and operating instructions
• Bill of materials
• Electrical schematic
• Mechanical layout for Driver-Plus Board
• Software transferrable file for easy design integration
• Application information and layout considerations
Figure 3. IRPT1061C
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