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डेटा पत्रक - Universal Serial Bus Microcontroller - Elan Microelectronics

भाग संख्या EM78M612
समारोह Universal Serial Bus Microcontroller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Elan Microelectronics 
लोगो Elan Microelectronics लोगो 
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EM78M612 pdf
Universal Serial Bus Microcontroller Series
1 General Description
The EM78M612 is a series of Universal Serial Bus 8-bit RISC Multi-Time Programming
(MTP) microcontrollers. It is specifically designed for USB low speed device application and
to support legacy device such as PS/2 mouse. The EM78M612 also support one device
address and two endpoints. With no firmware involved, these series of microcontrollers can
automatically identify and decode Standard USB Command to EndPoint Zero.
The EM78M612 is implemented on a RISC architecture. It has five-level stack and eight
interrupt sources. The amount of General Input/Output pins is up to 15. Each device has 112
bytes SRAM and is embedded with 4 bytes of E2PROM. The ROM size of the EM78M612 is
These series of chips have special features that accommodate your needs. These features
Dual Clock mode which allows the device to run on very low power saving frequency
Pattern Detecting Application function which is used in a serial transmission to count
waveform width
Width Modulation that can generate a duty-cycle-programmable signal
AD converter with up to 10 bits resolution.
2 Features
Low-cost solution for low-speed USB devices, such as mouse, joystick, and gamepad.
USB Specification Compliance
Universal Serial Bus Specification Version 1.1
USB Device Class Definition for Human Interface Device (HID), Firmware
Specification Version 1.1
Support 1 device address and 2 endpoints
USB Application
USB protocol handling
USB device state handling
Identifies and decodes Standard USB commands to EndPoint Zero
PS/2 Application Support
Auto-detects PS/2 or USB port
Built-in PS/2 port interface
This specification may change without further notice.
2004/4/28 V1.1

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