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डेटा पत्रक - Universal Serial Bus Microcontroller Series - Elan Microelectronics

भाग संख्या EM78M611
समारोह Universal Serial Bus Microcontroller Series
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Elan Microelectronics 
लोगो Elan Microelectronics लोगो 
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EM78M611 pdf
Universal Serial Bus Microcontroller Series
PS/2 Application Support
Auto-detects PS/2 or USB port
Build-in PS/2 port interface for keyboard and mouse
Built-in 8-bit RISC MCU
8 level stacks for subroutine and interruption
Eight available interruptions
8-bit real time clock/counter (TCC) with overflow interruption
Built-in RC oscillator free running for WatchDog Timer and Dual clock mode
Two independent programmable prescalers for WDT and TCC
Two methods of saving power:
1. Power-down mode (SLEEP mode)
2. Dual clock mode.
Two clocks per instruction cycle
Multi-time programmable
I/O Ports
Up to 11 LED sink pins
Each GPIO pin of Ports 5, 6, 8, P90~P93, P95, and P96; has an internal
programmable pull-high resistor (25K Ohm)
Each GPIO pin of Port 6, P74~P77, and Port 9 can wakeup the MCU from sleep
mode by input state change
Internal Memory
Built-in 6K*13 bits Program ROM
Built-in 144 bytes general purpose registers (SRAM)
Built-in USB Application FIFOs.
Built-in 4 bytes E2PROM
Operation Frequency
Normal Mode: MCU runs at the external oscillator frequency; 6MHz or 12MHz
Dual Clock Mode: MCU runs at the frequency of 256KHz (or 32KHz, 4KHz, 500Hz),
emitted by the internal oscillator with the external ceramic resonator (or crystal)
turned off to save power.
Built-in Pattern Detect Application for serial signal transmission
Built-in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Up to 2 channels PWM function on P.92 (PWM1) and P.93 (PWM2).
This spec. may change without further notice.
06/ 18/ 2003(V1.0)

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