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डेटा पत्रक - 4-bit Single Chip Microcontroller - Sanyo

भाग संख्या LC573102A
समारोह 4-bit Single Chip Microcontroller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Sanyo 
लोगो Sanyo लोगो 
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LC573102A pdf
LC573104A, 573102A
• Port
· Input port (S port, M port) : 2-port (8 pins) [Key scan input port]
· Input/Ouput port :
3-port (10 pins)
P0 port, P1 port
2-port (8 pins) [Key scan output port]
P2 port
1-port (2 pins) [Key scan expansion port]
[LED direct drivable port]
• Infrared remote control carrier generation circuit.
· Software-controllable remote control carrier output ON/OFF.
· Software-controllable carrier frequency and duty ratio.
<38kHz-1/3 duty, 38kHz-1/2 duty, 57kHz-1/2 duty>
(When fixed carrier signal is output, it is specified by mask option)
· 1kHz to 200kHz infrared remote control transmission carrier frequency.
(When carrier output is selected by timer at mask option, and when 455kHz CR oscillator is used)
· Infrared carrier output-dedicated terminal built-in (CA terminal).
· 108ms HALT-mode cancel signal output.
• Timer
· 16-bit software-controllable Timer
Timer input clock : Ceramic (CR) oscillation frequency (455kHz).
· 108ms HALT release request signal generation timer (Free running timer).
· Watchdog timer (changed over between USED/UNUSED by mask option)
• Sub-routine stack level
· 2 levels
• Oscillation circuit
· Ceramic (CR) oscillation circuit : 455kHz (for System clock generation), Feedback resistor built-in.
• Standby function
· HALT mode
HALT mode used to reduce current drain.
HALT mode suspends program execution.
Following shows how to release the HALT mode.
(A) System reset
(B) HALT mode release request signal.
· HOLD mode
HOLD mode stops ceramic resonator (CR). The HOLD mold can be released in two ways.
(A) System reset
(B) Apply H level input to S port pin or M port pin. (However, it is necessary to set S port or M port HOLD mode
release permission flag beforehand.)
• From of shipment
· MFP-24S (1.0mm pitch) and chip.
NOTE : When dipping in solder to mount the MFP package on board, contact SANYO for instructions.

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