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भाग संख्या TDA7522
समारोह Digital Servo & Decoder
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स ST Microelectronics 
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TDA7522 is a single chip processor consisting of Decoder, Servo and 1bit D/A for 4times CD-ROM / CD-
Audio. Main concept of this IC is that it is based on embedded System Micro Controller which allows cus-
tomer to develop system software very easily: just based on provided commands. Further the microcon-
troller is fully customer dedicated in terms of both software and general purpose Port.
By combination of ST Analog front-end IC (TDA7521), all CD functions including Shock Proof Memory
Controller and CD-Text function can be realized.
The TDA7522 portfolio is constituted by three different versions:
– ’development’: which gives the possibility to have at disposal the complete sw development environ-
ment, by means of a dedicated package
– ‘in field development’: standard package but with selection of program memory: on chip RAM, on chip
ROM. The program RAM is fully patchable through the standard IIC interface, giving the possibility of
sw changing while chip is working in the real environment.
– ‘production’: standard package, but with software permanently stored in the on chip ROM.
All version are produced using the HCMOS6 0.35um technology which works @3.3Vdc; to avoid interface
problem with existing logics, all digital Inputs are 5V tolerant. When interfacing logic on TDA7522 outputs,
user should take care of output levels that are at CMOS level @3.3V. Depending on output type the Iol
and Ioh value are guaranteed at 4mA or 8mA; the TDA7522 output driving specification will be included in
a next issue of this data sheet.
s 16Mbit DRAM I/F allows maximum 9 seconds shock proof
s Built-in 1bit Delta Sigma modulation for DAC
s Subcode P,Q and R-W decoding
s Error Correction is capable of Dual C1 and quadruple C2 erasure corrections
s Jitter absorbing capability: +/- 6 frames
s Automatic fine gain/balance/offset adjustment for tracking and focus servos
s Built-in Digital Silence detection
s Built-in EFM Demodulation/Sync Rear and Forward protection
s Soft audio mute
s Built-in Digital PLL with large capture range from 0.5 to 4 times speed
s Digital Servo control for all servo loops
s Capable of 2x and 4x speeds for shock proof and CD-ROM applications
s Capable of wide temperature range (-40C to +85C) stable operation
s Fast access times for CD-ROM applications due to wide Capture range and CAV mode run at max 4
times overspeed
s CLV or CAV (lock-to-disk mode) spindle servo operations
s Digital Output SPDIF (DIT CP340)
s Sony LSI Output Interface (for Audio & CD-ROM)
s Pulsate SLED mode support
s Built in 8times Audio Over sampling filter.

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