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डेटा पत्रक - High Performance Sensorless Motion Control IC - International Rectifier

भाग संख्या IRMCK203
समारोह High Performance Sensorless Motion Control IC
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स International Rectifier 
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IRMCK203 pdf
IRMCK203 is a new International Rectifier integrated circuit device designed for one-chip solution for complete
closed loop current and velocity control of a high performance Sensorless drive for PM motors. Unlike a traditional
microcontroller or DSP, IRMCK203 does not require any programming to complete complex Sensorless algorithm
development. Combined with International Rectifier's high voltage gate drive and current sensing IC, the user can
implement complete speed control of PM motors with minimum component count and virtually no design effort. In
addition to Sensorless closed loop speed control operation, features such as Start-up retry, Phase Loss detection,
Low Loss PWM, Regeneration Braking control and various drive protections are all implemented inside
IRMCK203. Analog and digital I/Os can also be configured. Host communication logic contains Asynchronous
Communication Interface for RS232C or RS422 communication interface, a fast slave SPI interface and an 8 bit
wide Host Parallel Interface. All communication ports have the same access capability to the host register set. The
users can write to, and read from the predefined registers to configure and monitor the drive through these
communication ports.
IRMCK203 Main functions
Complete closed loop current control based on Synchronously Rotating Frame Field Orientation (using Rotor
Angle Observer)
Closed loop velocity control based on estimated speed
Configurable parameters (PI controller gains, PI output limit range, current feedback
scaling, PWM carrier frequency) provide adaptation to various PM motors
Built-in Sensorless control logic for start-up, ramping, and running conditions
Auto Retry (programmable) on start-up with configurable torque current limit
Analog reference input (can be used for speed reference)
RS232C/RS422 reference input
Full dynamic braking control for DC bus voltage limitation
Cycle-by-cycle on/off Control for Brake IGBT
Loss minimization Space Vector PWM with deadtime insertion
Build-in two IR2175 current sensing IC interfaces
Phase Loss, Overcurrent (GATEKILL input), Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overspeed protection
Low cost serial 12bit A/D interface with multiplexer and sample/hold circuit
Optional Inverter Leg (low side) current sensing in lieu of IR2175 IC
4 channel analog output (PWM)
Local EEPROM for startup initialization of internal data/parameters through host register interface
AT24C01A, 128X8
Versatile host communication interface
RS232C or RS422 host interface
Fast SPI slave host interface with multi-drop capability
Parallel Host interface (total 12 pins)
Multiplexed data/address bus
Address Enable
Discrete I/Os for Standalone mode operation
ESTOP (Input)
This document is the property of International Rectifier and may not be copied or distributed without expressed consent.

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