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समारोह HFTA-04.0: Optical/Electrical Conversion in SDH/SONET Fiber Optic Systems
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New techniques such as Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) further increase the
transmission capacity by sending numerous time-multiplexed data streams over one fiber, using
a different wavelength for each data stream. Electronic components in a WDM receiver and
transmitter (compared with those in a TDM system) differ according to the behavior of the
optical sources and line amplifiers in the WDM transport system. The following section
describes the performance required for receivers and transmitters in an optical TDM
transmission system.
Optical receivers
Optical receivers detect optical signals from the fiber and convert them to electrical signals,
which must then be amplified before their data waveforms and clock can be recovered. A
serial-to-parallel conversion of the data stream may be necessary, depending on the bit rate and
the system-specific setup of the following CMOS functions. Figure 1 shows how the receiver's
output interface provides regenerated data in a serial or parallel bit stream, along with the
recovered clock.
Figure 1. A typical receiver/transmitter unit for SONET/SDH fiber-transmission
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